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WCPMedia Services stands by you to receive, manage and organize screeners, master and transcoded files, DCP, versioning and any collateral items.

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Join the WCP Web App and add all the users you desire, so that you can manage, organize and share all your material with your staff and your various offices anywhere in the world. Take back control of your workflow, administrative and technical data from third parties. Define users, actions, groups and permissions. And imagine doing this 24/7, easily and efficiently, from anywhere. Give access to your account to an unlimited number of users with any level of permission.


Receive screeners from producers and sellers around the world so you can browse and scout for new content. Give access to the screeners to your buyers in no time and anywhere in the world. Organize your market activities using a unique and innovative tool. WCP will generate previews of all content for you, to be stored, forwarded and viewed as screeners (with in-streaming and/or download permits) so you can evaluate them quickly and easily, and then send them to an editor for regional versioning or a dubbing house for a new translation... And you can use it anywhere… on your laptop or mobile.


Imagine having your private screening room on your iPad or tablet, to view all your previews and screeners everywhere in the world. And imagine making this available to your staff to acquire new content and to your buyers to re-sell rights. A unique tool where you can view all types of content, regardless of whether it is being bought or sold. We have done it for you: our Screening Room App, the ideal business tool for every producer, buyer, seller and festival programmer. It is like a personal, private 24/7 screening room to handle and watch all screeners, both received and sent.


Receive material from producers and sellers on our Swiss Digital Safe. Use your WCP account to receive, archive and manage master files, original, translated and subtitled versions, with any transcoding profiles, DCPs, ad-pub material, subtitles, soundtracks and collateral items. You can finally concentrate on your strategy while we take care of the standards… Integrated with the Rhozet and Telestream engines, we ensure precise compliance with all transcoding specifications through precise and automatic fulfillment of licensor/licensee transcoding profiles. It is also fully integrated with Signiant digital delivery technology - a trusted industry partner for major studios, producers, distributors and exhibitors - to always and safely access any content anywhere in the world. We offer a smart neutral platform to bridge any technological gap, between you and your business partners.


A robust media asset management system constantly at your beck and call. Start managing, delivering and sharing all your material; and organize all your line-ups, master and transcoded files, and all collateral items. Plus, have all this available at any time and stage of your business strategy. We publish and safely store your content proxies and metadata so you can manage them like you manage the money in your bank account. The content never leaves this safe and secure infrastructure until you or your clients download it.

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