Media Asset Management

The WCP Web App offers you a state-of-the-art cloud based environment for the complete management of all your multimedia assets and for your internal asset management function, while empowering you by giving you direct control over distribution to customers.

Content types

You can enter all your asset information - Standalone and Episodic series - and for each asset type there are predefined specific data structures. Plus you can also upload specific, unique information for future usage.

  • hierarchy film series content management
Since we know just how much effort this can take, you can do it manually or using our XML automatic upload, allowing you to extract data from your existing database and transfer them quickly in the WCP Web App.

The content you upload is not just for storage as we automatically create a preview and it can be sent, with transcoding, to your customers. At the same time, you can also input details of the audio-track content, including multi-language and multi-streaming, and how you want these to be used for the preview.

Plus, there is no need to retrieve the technical metadata about your asset. Once you’ve uploaded the multimedia content onto our cloud based platform, our automatic MediaInfo system scans your file and write the content metadata (i.e. file size, aspect ratio, scan type, wrapper, image size …).

If you need to manage several content versions, our data structure is designed to accommodate and manage specific data for each version (i.e. language, parental control) together with each specific multimedia file and the related metadata.

Collateral Type

But there’s more. We designed the WCPApp so you can upload and link all possible collateral content (i.e. pictures, images, text, trailers, separate audio track, soundtrack, Avid bin, 3DLUT, XML, SCC, STL), each with its own file and unique metadata.

If for the sake of speed and simplicity you just want to upload folders or compressed files (i.e. .zip, .rar), you can upload them in one go and keep all your materials uncataloged but still available and linked to your assets.

The same approach can be adopted if you need to upload, protect and share all the production materials (i.e. pictures, daily takes, audio sources). Here, you can use our Folder to upload and retrieve your content as needed.

Last, we offer specific and uniquely arranged folders to host your DCP structured files with content. While similar to the previous folder type, we keep this type separate as it must always remain connected to the master content. 


Our media asset management system has another unique feature: the automatic creation and immediate online availability of your content screener. This means you can stream and watch it, and you can share it with your customers and partners. It is the seamless integration of the WCP Web App with our transcoding engines that makes this possible and means, as soon as your content is uploaded, we pass it through to Vantage (Telestream) or ProCarbon (Harmonic) for it to be encoded.

Of course, all content/collateral items can be searched for and retrieved using a flexible search interface based on both key functional and technical attributes.

WCP Web App MAM places the following features at your fingertips:

  • Content classification and description from functional info and technical metadata automatically retrieved by MediaInfo during upload
  • Different content structure and info according to content type (i.e. feature film, documentary, TV film, TV series, miniseries)
  • Management of different content versions
  • Flexibility in content audio track definition, handling multi-language and multi-streaming
  • Management of all collateral items (i.e. picture, text, trailer, audio track, soundtrack), files and metadata linked to the content
  • Management of folders and compressed files (i.e. .zip; .rar) linked to your content to keep all uncataloged material
  • Management of dedicated folders specifically organized to host your DCP structured files
  • Automatic creation and online availability of content screener, for you to preview and share with your customers and partners
  • Flexible search interface to identify and retrieve your content/collateral  items based on key functional and technical attributes
  • Integrated tools for content and collateral upload and download (Aspera Connect, Signiant Agent, App and MediaShuttle) whenever and where ever you need it
  • Cloud based secure storage of each individual multimedia file

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