WCP Web App – Account settings

Account settings

Join WCP Web App and leverage all the setting capabilities to shape the application to be closer to your needs. Add all the users you desire, so you can manage,organize and share all your material with your creative and technical staff, your various offices and partners.

  • Define users, groups, permissions and automatic notifications
  • Personalize the WCP Web App with your company logo and your unique way to tag your contents
  • Set your custom watermark to protect your screeners
  • Define your transcoding profiles to consistently deliver according to your client specs
  • Prepare your audio templates to increase your asset management efficency and reduce possible errors
  • Configure your up/download access points to better connect with your offices
  • Keep full control over your activities and your costs

And imagine doing this 24/7, easily and efficiently, from anywhere...

Account settings features

Account set-up Account info, Account logo, Content tagging, Terms of Use, Watermark
Technical set-up Transcoding profile clip, Audio templates, Upload/Download
Users and Notifications User groups, Permissions, Users
Administration Service agreement, Payment Data, Invoicing, Monthly Transactions

Simply open an Account… and See your Business Grow while you Save Money!

How to get started

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