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Digital Delivery

Receive and deliver all your material, master files, original, dubbed and subtitled versions (with any transcoding profiles), DCPs, ad-pub material, soundtracks, folders and any collateral items to your business partners, festivals and buyers. You can finally concentrate on building your strategy while we take care of the standards… Integrated with the Rhozet and Telestream engines, we ensure precise compliance with any transcoding specification through the automatic fulfillment of licensor/licensee transcoding profiles. Since our solution is fully integrated with Signiant digital delivery technology - a trusted industry partner for major studios, producers, distributors and exhibitors - any of your recipients can access your content safely anywhere in the world on their devices.

Delivery features

Delivery ManagementRecipient Selection, Content Selection, Workflow Management, Monitoring, License Info and Management, Payment Management
Transcoding ManagementTranscoding Info, Profile Selection, Audio Track Selection
Delivery SearchStandard, Advanced
Download ManagementContent, Collateral

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