• WCP for Festivals

    The new holistic cloud solution to support your work, from scouting to programming and archive that frees you to browse the world for the best content.

  • WCP Value for Festival

    The smartest and most mecure Web App to receive, store, manage, organize, share all material of your submissions and selection and set up innovative market tools.

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  • Festival Workflow

    WCPMedia Services: your tool to bring the digital promise to the next level.

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WCP Value for Festivals

  • REGISTERING: We integrate with your Festival entry form OR we can host your unique registration, like we have been doing with FICTS Sport Film Festival and Rome’s Film Festival with over 600 companies worldwide.
  • INGESTING: Participants can upload their videos and your Festival seamlessy receive, archive and manage on your WCP account: master files or low resolution, original, dubbed and subtitled versions, in any format/codec.
  • ...

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WCP Festivals Workflow


Forget clumsy dvds and insecure public websites, email delivery failures...


Our mission is to share technology and knowledge and take the digital distribution promise to the next level...


We know how important it is to market your content to prospective buyers...

Sales and Distribution

If managing your material would be as easy, flexible and secure as your e-banking…..


Don’t abandon your portfolio in a dusty repository…

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WCP Festivals Model

Are you ready for your next edition?

WCPMedia Services stands by you to manage all your submissions, market activities and programming, always under your control.

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