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Platform in Production & Post

  • REGISTERING: We integrate with your Festival entry form OR we can host your unique registration, like we have been doing with FICTS Sport Film Festival and Rome’s Film Festival with over 600 companies worldwide.
  • INGESTING: Participants can upload their videos and your Festival seamlessy receive, archive and manage on your WCP account: master files or low resolution, original, dubbed and subtitled versions, in any format/codec.
  • SHARING: With the WCP Screening Room Festivals can share and control all submitted films’ screeners with the Selection Committee: one click from the Programming Office and all members of the Committee can access assigned films on their device instantly. No more missing links!
  • PROMOTING: WCPMedia Services supports industry’s market activities with its innovative digital distribution tools. WCP Digital Video Library has enabled the Rome MIA Market to have a longer lifespan and go global online: hundreds titles were available to the 800 registered distributors and buyers for Market duration and longer to be browsed and streamed on the WCP Screening Room.
  • PARTNERING: Imagine partnership opportunities all over the world. As easy and safe as your e-banking, you can finally create programming packages and side events at a global level, shifting resources from costs to new opportunities.
  • ARCHIVING: Your content will always be safe but ready to be put on screen again. Management of retrospectives, special screenings, packaging of new sections, new offers and re-monetizing your archive will enhance you festival programming capacity.


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