Digital Delivery and Transcoding

The automatic video transcoding capability and digital delivery are what really make the WCPApp beneficial. We’ve invested years to give you a unique ability to control online the content you want to deliver in a chosen transcoded video format to a specific customer. And it all takes just a few clicks.

When needed, you can submit an online request to have one or more video transcoding profiles generated according to your or your recipient technical specifications. Once ready, you’ll receive a test clip to check that it’s exactly what you specified.

From then on, every time you chose to deliver content transcoded using this profile, you only have to select the title and the transcoding profile. As soon as your customer accepts  delivery, our platform automatically transcodes it and makes it available according to your guidelines.

Once again our internal notification system will prompt and guide you, as well as your customer, through the few steps until the content is ready for download.

And all this will happen without you having to move or send your content anywhere!

You will simply have it available online through our WCPApp and our transcoding farm will meet your video transcoding request in a few hours (depending on video content duration, the source and target codec and transcoding instructions).

Our video transcoding farm uses Snell-AlchemistOD, Harmonic-ProMediaCarbon and Telestream-Vantage, all seamlessly integrated into our WCPApp using Signiant Workflow Manager. It is the latter feature that orchestrates the content transfer from secure storage to our operating high speed SAN and on to the transcoding nodes to produce the final transcoded asset for your customer.

Wherever in the world your customer is, he or she will receive a notification and can use the same high-performing accelerated file transfer software (Aspera or Signiant) to download the content/collateral items according to your license and instructions.

For further transcoding format details, please access the link

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