• WCP for Producers

    The new holistic cloud solution to support production and post-production of your next feature or television series.

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  • WCP for Distributors

    The new holistic solution to support your work, from scouting to promotion, marketing, sales and complete fullfillment of your buyers standards.

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  • WCP for Buyers

    The new holistic cloud solution that bridges the technological gap between the various industry’s players.

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  • WCP for Festivals

    The new holistic cloud solution to support your work, from scouting to programming and archive that frees you to browse the world for the best content.

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A match made in the cloud - WCP for...


You are the expert in discovering talent, good stories. You have the experience and know-how to make the right choices of locations, cast and crew. And you are the one who finds the right financial partners to make the magic happen… We are your solution to all day-to-day issues related to the workflow and material management. From pre-production to the premiere of your film we support you in processing the workflow and in meeting or exceeding emerging industry standards.

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Behind a successful distribution of a content, there is a keen team to target and find buyers and license rights accordingly. Should it be domestic or international sales, in order to give a long and happy life to a new-born content, there is a complex strategy, a wide network, great market vision, creative marketing tools and…WCPMedia Services, your one unique integrated tool to manage and face all the possible issues related to the workflow and material management: from end to end, from producers, to you, to festivals, to every buyer (broadcasters from all over the world, theatrical distributors, VODs…), we support you in processing the workflow and manage all screeners and material, while meeting all industry's technical standards and requirements.

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You invest time and energy to scout for good products, to negotiate rights, to get to reasonable agreements, to find the right place for the right product at the right time, to invent new and innovative marketing strategies, to build up unique programming offers to the public. We are your efficient, cost effective, neutral tool to receive and manage all previews, organize and ingest the right and standardized files, and eventually resell ancillary rights.

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Festival programmers are constant travellers around the world as well as inside thousands and thousands of moving images. They cross oceans and continents to discover new fresh talent. They spend hours in watching and interpreting any upcoming content. Festival programmers know and value the time they dedicate to talent because they know it is going to be rewarding for the cinema industry and the public. We are the solution to receive and view all previews and screeners, manage and organize them with and for the selection committee, ingest the right and standardized files for the festival premieres, create a valuable active digital archive for the future.

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