The WCP Way

The WCP Way is a set of core values and a process of close collaboration that will bring benefits to how you run your business. Using top-notch technology and expert guidance, we work with you to roll out The WCP Way swiftly and successfully. And just like the finest Swiss chocolate, we mix the essential ingredients of security, dedication, vigilance, reliability, neutrality and independence with unmatched customer experience to create what we call The WCP Way.

A Safe, Stable, Scalable Digital Locker

The WCP Way incorporates the global standards for security and discretion. Ever dreamed of a Swiss bank account where you can store your most precious assets with unparalleled discretion? An account that you can scale up or down at a moment’s notice? Now your dream is reality.

Your Success Is Our Passion

The WCP Way includes white glove service to guide you through the opportunities and savings promised by the digital revolution and realized on the WCPMedia Servicesplatform. We are performance and quality driven and we know that our success is tied to our customers’ satisfaction. We understand the challenges of managing change in a time intensive environment. We listen to our customers and are dedicated to excellence and professionalism in all of our activities.

Relax ... We've Got Your Back

The WCP Way is a long-term investment in the integrity and readiness of your sales catalog and contract fulfillment. Now you can safely store your content mezz files, audio tracks, ad-pub images, scripts, music cue sheets and promos on one secure platform. Forget about hard drives, thumb drives, and insecure public websites for storing your media assets. We backup your stored assets four times a day, every day.

Excellent Service Never Sleeps

The WCP Way is a service model that recognizes the importance of every step in the  content workflow. We understand that every asset, every transcode, every Screener and every Delivery is mission critical to business success. We are a global company and acknowledge the importance of getting swift answers and rapid results.

A Time Honored Swiss Tradition

The WCP Way draws on the long and respected tradition of Swiss neutrality, a concept at the very heart of our business model. We don't stand between you, your suppliers or your clients. And, we don’t have preferred vendors up and down the supply chain. We empower the creative, distribution and exhibition community with efficient tools to control the content cycle and move their outflows to the bottom line.

Content Fulfillment Meets the 21st Century

The WCP Way is a process that transforms. Our team works with your operations and technical personnel to bring about cutting edge, smart process solutions combined with best business practices. Our capabilities include the tailored integration of our platform services with your accounting, rights and other legacy systems. We traded in 21st-century business operations for new millennium digital cloud technologies. We are independently owned and free from legacy workflows, old-school tape machines and expensive brick and mortar. Our overhead is a fraction of the burden most suppliers carry and we pass the savings onto you.

Simply open an Account… and See your Business Grow while you Save Money!

How to get started

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