Platform in Animation

  • How are you protecting your assets during the pre-production and production phase of animation (e.g. concepts, sets, characters and storyboards)?
  • Are you getting your picture and sound production pipeline elements quickly and securely positioned in the cloud?
  • Can you manage your material ingestion (modelling, animation, compositing) consistently across multiple locations?
  • Does your global animation team have an efficient mechanism for sharing and collaborating during post production?
  • How do you control the post production workflow among participants in 2D and 3D animation?
  • How do you provide stakeholders with direct and secure access to work in progress?
  • Are executives able to easily identify works in progress to make comments and suggest changes as needed?


We have designed a solution that addresses all of these concerns...

We move the content for you.
You control who gets it.

  • A powerful approach for quickly and securely getting your assets into the cloud
  • An intelligent sharing facility for production professionals across multiple locations
  • An instantly accessible online platform where producers, directors and editors can screen and annotate content
  • A media asset management system (DAM) assuring content is exactly where it needs to be within a bank-level security environment


Platform in Production & Post

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