We have designed a smart process application to support producers, directors and crew from production to postproduction and delivery. Integrated with editing sheet information, WCPMedia Services offers a safe platform and a robust digital asset management system to safely store, organize and manage your daily footage, backstage and audio files.

Deposit your daily material on the WCP Swiss Safe and check it, stream it and share it with your producers, editor, composer and partners anywhere in the world.

Manage and share your production material with your business partners and crew: audio tracks, animatics, VFX plate photos and videos. Anytime and anywhere, involve your crew, co-producers and financers in your daily work without the hassle of risky ftp servers, email delivery failures and never-ending phone calls.


Choose your financial, artistic and technical partners anywhere in the world!

Everything in one secure platform to share your footage with your editor, to receive back rough-cuts – in any format, from master files, to transcoded ones, to previews and screeners– to share all material with your business partners, to send screeners of your rough-cuts to your composer and receive music, to deliver master files to post-production labs and receive back your final content, to upload and share audio dubs and subtitles and create and organize all versions. Anywhere, anytime.

Market, Sales and Distribution

Now that you have the master file of your film safely stored on WCP Safe and ready to be sold and shown in festivals, we are still here to support you.

WCPMedia Services is your tool to efficiently manage and organize all versions of your content and all publicity material, to send screeners to festivals, distributors, sellers and buyers, to deliver master and transcoded files (according to your and your licensors’ profiles) and DCPS to all your business and commercial partners and festivals. On WCP you manage all the content, deliveries and collateral items to easily fulfil all standards and formats.

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