Screeners and Catalog

The WCP Web App also has another excellent feature: every time you upload a video or audio onto the platform, a content preview is automatically created for you.

You only have to select the audio tracks to be used and the system will work out the rest for you once the content has been uploaded. And if you need a different preview you only have to order it online, specifying the audio characteristics, and the system will do it for you immediately.

This means that you will be always able to view and stream any content, without having to download it, directly from the WCPApp.
These screeners can be used to promote your assets to your customers and target audience. All you need to do is connect over the internet whereever you are and have all your contents always available.

And using WCP Screening Room you can even more effectively access and market your assets, showing them using any device. You can easily define the catalog that you want to publish, highlighting the content among your favorites or in the line-up, and with a simple click have your catalog available on the WCP Screening Room.

All your selected assets are then immediately available at your fingertips during festivals, marketing events or private meetings, with fully secure access under your total control, without having to take heavy, cumbersome files, CDs or other physical media with you.

With the special "Guest function" you can provide a secure and controlled access also to third party professionals to more effectively promote and market your assets.

WCP Value for Festivals

  • REGISTERING: We integrate with your Festival entry form OR we can host your unique registration.
  • INGESTING: Participants can upload their videos and your Festival seamlessy receive, archive and manage on your WCP account.
  • SHARING: With the WCP Screening Room Festivals can share and control all submitted films’ screeners with the Selection Committee.
  • PROMOTING: WCPMedia Services supports industry’s market activities with its innovative digital distribution tools.
  • PARTNERING: Imagine partnership opportunities all over the world.
  • ARCHIVING: Your content will always be safe but ready to be put on screen again.


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