Upload, Download and File transfer

Once you’ve defined your content and collateral catalog using MAM, then you can upload and safely store your media assets in our secure Swiss Data Center. This is a key step to be ready to get the maximum benefit from using the WCPApp: accessing and downloading your content/collateral items wherever you are, streaming and sending the screeners to your partners and targets, and transcoding and delivering content to your customers.

We are all too familiar with the technical issues involved in transferring and moving big files (100 GB or more), so we provide you with the best technology and we’ve integrated leading market software into the WCPApp. We have a partnership with Aspera and Signiant so you can use their cutting edge products (Aspera Connect, Signiant App, Agent and Signiant MediaShuttle) to manage the file transfers from your computer to our platform and then to your client.

We’ve embedded their software tools so they are available directly and seamless in our WCPApp platform. And you can use these tools both to upload and download your content/collateral items/screeners whenever and where ever you or your colleagues need them, 24/7.

Cloud based
  • Upload and safely store
  • Scalable and secure content storage
  • Signiant Agent and Signiant MediaShuttle
  • Aspera Connect
  • Very high data speed
  • Automatic mail notification

Aspera and Signiant have developed uniques technologies that optimizes file transfer over a network, both in terms of transfer time and control. Instead of the common FTP, they has adopted the UDP protocol for file transfer, minimizing the latency effect and maintaining exceptionally high data speed over long distances. The end result is transfer times that can be up to 80% faster than when using FTP.

Furthermore this technology monitors transfer status and, in case of a restart, it continues transferring only the remaining part, saving hours. The MD5 checksum performs a bit-for-bit verification of the transferred file, resending any missing packets until the complete file is consistent.
If UDP-based acceleration fails due to extreme security measures (firewall or NAT blocking UDP traffic wholesale, for example), to get the file through, it automatically manages the fallback, attempting first TCP and finally HTTP.
You can choose to work directly from your client or take a step forward to adopt the server based product to leverage your company network and avoid any limitations on your personal Mac/PC.

Last, your file transfer will start as soon as you confirm it, without waiting for a prescheduled time. You can monitor the transfer using our transfer rate panel or, as soon as your content has been uploaded, you will receive an automatic mail notification so you know you can start using it as needed.

We don’t know what type of network connection you have or  the number of media files you need to transfer. But sometimes if you have to transfer many files that are several Terabytes, it might be a good idea to use physical Hard Disk Drives. We’re flexible and quite happy to receive your HDD/NAS and upload your assets directly onto our Data Center.

We do not want to be boring and go into details of all acceptable extensions and file formats, but you can upload a long list of formats.  The full list can be found here:



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