WCP Web App – web-based solution

WCP Web App is the revolutionary cloud-based tool for the international media industry that finally keeps the digital promise and truly creates the digital supply chain from pre production to distribution. It is a business-to-business, many-to-many solution that allows you to manage your digital workflow as easily as your e-banking.

As easy as your e-banking, WCPMedia Services is a software as a service solutiuon, the result of integrating known, trusted and proven technologies into a rational and largely automated workflow with a user friendly, elegant and highly intuitive interface.

WCP Web App is a business-to-business and many-to-many smart web-based platform to store your valuable digital assets and metadata, transcode to exhibitor requirements, deliver and receive content, promote your content to sell and evaluate content to buy. All of this under your complete and transparent control.

  • 100% control
  • Scalable and secure content storage
  • Robust digital asset management
  • Transcoding
  • Global digital delivery

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