WCP - Delivery Order Recipient Guide

Welcome WCPMedia Services.

Great to have you among our WCP users. A free WCP account has been created for you in order to receive and download contents and collaterals that has been sent to you. Discover how to get in your account and get your material!

Enter the WCPMedia Services Secure Login from www.wcpmediaservices.com with your assigned user and password (you will be requested to accept our terms of use and change your temporary password).

PLEASE NOTE: We remind you that platform navigation is free of charge for an unlimited number of users. You may upgrade your account anytime, for a full usage of the platform, by simply accepting our Service Agreement under the Company tab.

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Three easy steps to download your content!

  • 1. Read and accept the Terms of Use

  • 2. Confirm the content sent to you

  • 3. Download the content

1. Read and accept the Terms of Use


Read and accept the Term of use, and the Privacy olicy to start using the WCP Web App

2. Confirm the content sent to you

Go to the DELIVERY section and click on Received.

Check the content you received and either Confirm or Reject the order.

3. Download the content

Go to the ASSET MANAGEMENT AND UPLOADING section and under Browse Assets, click on Content.

Once the material is ready for you, you will receive an e-mail from "notifications@wcpmediaservices.com". Follow the link within the e-mail and, after the login, you will be taken direcly to the download page of your delivery.

Just press on the download icon (or perform a multiple selection for download) and select the download method.

A new window will open up and you will be asked to select a location to download your file.

Now you can start downloading.

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