Our Industry Partners

Our industry partners are leading companies and festivals that are active players in the media industry. These partnerships provide us with good relationships, contacts and benefits, allowing us to optimize visibility and supporting us as we spread our business worldwide across all levels.

Partnership with MIA Mercato Internazionale Audiovisivo

WCPMedia Services is the official technical sponsor of the MIA Mercato Internazionale Audiovisivo. This partnership allows filmmakers to save time and money, uploading their film only once and submitting it to the MIA Video Library in just a few basic steps. On the other side, the MIA can simply download the metadata and film files. It is the end of paper entry forms and clumsy DVDs!
Visit www.miamarket.it

Partnership with FICTS

Since 2014 WCPMedia Services is the main technical sponsor of FICTS. Through this partnership, WCPMedia Services enables the filmmakers and producers involved in “Sport Movies & Tv” to submit their film and deliver their material for selection and, ultimately, for screenings for free! FICTS organizers leverage WCPMedia Services platform to manage their participant content library, and to send and receive the best contents among the 18 international associated Sport Festivals, from Beijing to Los Angeles, Kazan, Tashkent, Buenos Aires, Baku, Nanjing, Katmandu. WCPMedia Services provides the smartest and the most secure environment to manage your film material anywhere, anytime, and at any stage of production, promotion, sales and distribution.

Partnership with Short Food Movie and Expo 2015

In the frame of the cooperation with Fondazione Cinema per Roma, Rome Film Festival and market, we are happy to celebrate the partnership with Short Food Movie and Expo 2015.

Short Food Movie is a Global Open-Call for the production of thousands of videos lasting between 30 to 60 seconds inspired by the theme of nutrition; during Expo Milano 2015 (from May 1st to October 31st, 2015), the online platform will come alive thanks to the WALL, curated by Davide Rampello, a great installation designed for Expo 2015 Pavilion Zero - totally made of monitors and the biggest of this kind ever built.
Everyone can take part in the project! Find out about the contest.
Visit shortfoodmovie.expo2015.org

Partnership with ACE

WCPMedia Services is a partner of ACE, the Association du Cinema Européen. This partnership allows us to use our innovative web tools to support European producers by allowing them to store, manage, transcode, deliver and share their footage, rough-cuts, finished content, screeners and any additional material at excellent rates!

WCP stands by producers providing them  withthe smartest and the most secure environment to control their film material anywhere, anytime, at any stage of production and distribution.


Our Technical Partners

The Swiss are known for an uncluttered focus on function and precise execution. We've harnessed this philosophy to store your valuable digital assets and metadata, transcode to exhibitor requirements and deliver licensed content to clients.  Achieving such smart, secure solutions has been possible by teaming up with leading companies and integrating the best software on the market.


We have chosen to integrate Alchemist OD into our transcoding farm as this world class product provides us with seamless file-based frame-rate conversion and allows us to bring enhanced quality to our customers. Snell’s renown knowledge and expertise in high-end image processing technology enables us stay at the forefront of the industry, maintaining our excellent reputation and growing our customer base.


Your customers require transcoded files that meet their exact requirements. That's why our solution seamless integrates WFS/ProMedia Carbon (Harmonic Rhozet) technologies to create high quality, client-specific files to your technical specifications and under your complete control.


Our platform automatically creates a preview for you when any audio/video content is uploaded. This means you can distribute the screener to your customers and partners, allowing them to stream it. We have fully integrated the Vantage (Telestream) engine into our solution to create a high quality preview in different bit rates to ensure the best user experience given the connection speed.


WCPMedia Services has partnered with Aspera, an IBM Company, to embed Aspera​'s​ FASP high-speed file transfer technology ​for the ingest and deliver​y of ​ rich-media assets. With Aspera​,​ our clients can seamlessly upload and download their files quickly and securely – as well as push them to their customer​s​ directly from ​the WCP platform.


We've chosen the Signiant product suite - intelligent file movement software - as our engine for media content file transfers (uploads and downloads) and for WCP Web App internal workflow management. The Signiant product suite is embedded in our WCP Web App to give your team and your customers the world-class service, on a single platform, you’d expect from both companies.


WCP selected Wowza Streaming Engine™, formerly Wowza Media Server, that provide a robust, customizable and scalable server software that powers reliable streaming of high-quality video and audio to any device, anywhere. Wowza manages the adaptive bitrate streaming and lets our customers to stream audio and video directly from any platform, including iOS or Android device to any screen over WiFi, 4G, or 3G.

Fincons Group

FinconsGroup works with many leading media companies from content selection and acquisition to multi-platform distribution. Since the very beginning of our idea, we have worked with them, leveraging their wealth of experience. Fincons is also a leading consultant and system integrator, with over 30 years of success in Europe providing tailored and end-to-end software solutions and IT services for leading companies in several markets.

Tiger Technology

Our integrated platform requires high performance to provide our customers with the best on-line service in the shortest time and to allow for immediate scalability as their overall activity grows. Tiger Store manages the Filesystem on iSCSI storage shared over our network through which our Transcoding and QC farm engines access the media files in our SAN SSD based working storage, used also by Signiant to move the media files from the SAN to the cloud and viceversa.
Tiger Store technology allows the WCP platform to work in a fully shared high speed storage area to minimize file transfers and be a the same time an instantly scalable environment.

The Swiss Data Center

Your valuable multimedia assets and metadata are securely managed and stored in a secure Tier III+ private Swiss Data Center that can easily be scaled up or down and has ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS certification. The Swiss Data Center is designed in accordance with Swiss regulations for Banking Outsourcing (FINMA) and it is directly connected to a European fiber link. All the stored content is replicated and sent to a secondary site, a Tier IV Swiss Data Center.

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